Monique Francis | June 2022

A self-taught artist, Monique’s process is intuitive and there is a naive quality to her work. Her expression often finds form through fibre arts and paper collage, and increasingly by way of her new-found curiosity for watercolours, monotype printing, and camera-less photography. She shares her passion for art by hosting a weekly creativity hive and curating a free little art gallery. 

Spiral Weaving: reclaimed wool and a paper plate
Goddess Eyes: reclaimed wool, cardboard, nails, fabric scraps, glass beads
“A Woman Conceives of Being Not Afraid”: paper collage. Resides at St. Hildegard’s Sanctuary.
Paper Weaving: magazine page and tracing paper
Mixed Media Collage: monotype print with acrylics and found fern fronds
Neruographica: montype print, oil pastels and watercolour
Neurographica: oil pastel and watercolour

Meet the Artist: Monique

“I’m inspired by patterns and geometry – the finer components that make up a larger perspective.

As someone who is often housebound with disability, my art table is where I play and where I can see my connections to the outside world.

I am committed to reducing my consumption of new art supplies because of my concern about the state of our planet. The materials in my work are most often found, upcycled, and repurposed, and I don’t see this as a limitation. Even if I had access to unlimited art supplies, I’d still dig around in my recycling bin or unravel an unworn sweater to make something new because that’s where I find the magic of re-creation.”

Melanie | May 2022

Artist’s Statement

Most of my art is just playing with colours and textures for the sheer pleasure of it. In that place, there is a sense of goodness and openness to possibility. These pieces emerged from that practice. There is also conversation with the Holy. If, as Sister Wendy Beckett once said, “Looking at art is like listening to God,” what might any particular creation be speaking in this time and space?  

Sunset – Encaustic

Poppies – Encaustic

Light – Watercolour

Advent – Encaustic

Aura – Watercolour

Christina | March 2022

There is something electric about being in community spaces, public spaces and gathering places when they are active. And there is something quietly contemplative about being in these spaces during a hushed moment of solitude. To me, they are not truly silent or empty when I have them to myself in these moments. The spaces still hum a little bit with the impressions and footsteps left by other people. They still faintly hold the energy. 

As I stand in the fresh, rain scented breeze and embrace the solitude and contemplate the silence, I do not feel lonely or alone. 

Meet the Artist: Christina

Christina is a queer, disabled photographer and writer living, creating, and working in Vancouver. She has been blessed to grow up on the traditional territory of the Coast Salish peoples – specifically the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. Christina is passionate about building strong communities and making art accessible for everyone. Through her photography she is writing a love letter to Vancouver. 

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