Welcome to Sanctuary of the Arts (SotA)

We are an affirming, intersectional, arts-based spiritual community grounded in creative contemplative practices. 

We offer accessible sources of soulful connection and creative expression. 

We believe that creativity is life-affirming and that everyone is creative in their own way. 

You are most welcome here at SotA.

SotA is an offering of St. Hildegard’s Sanctuary with collaboration of artists from diverse backgrounds. 

We're excited to offer "SotA Supplies" for you to use with upcoming art workshops or in your own free exploration of creativity.

Learn more about these free kits and request yours today.

Chapel: Art Gallery "Galleria Gaia"

- space to rest and reflect -

An online gallery featuring SotA community members and visiting friends. Pause for a while and sit with their artwork.

Oftentimes there will be an accompanying podcast for you to listen to as well.

Watercolour by SotA Guild member aritist

Refectory: Podcast "Salon Sophia"

- space for sustenance and savouring -

Conversations with artists, makers, and crafty folk of all ilk. Maybe that’s you?

New episodes on the first and third Monday of the month.

As We Grow and Tend

Sanctuary of the Arts (SotA) is an emerging community. In being committed to a gentle approach, offerings will be added in a thoughtful and tempered manner.

Feel free to meander about, check back for new additions.

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